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Diligence & Dedication

I am beyond impressed by your service. Will make sure to recommend you guys going forward. Thank you so much.

Melissa D.

Wow, this is great service. Thank you so much for the quick turn around--I look forward to working with you in the future!

Frankie G. 

Thank you for your diligence and dedication to our annual backflow testing. 

Jonathon M.

Thanks again for making this it so easy! 

Vincent T.

Outstanding service. Thank you! 

Alan E.

If other businesses are like Terra Nova, we look forward to moving to Eugene! 

Very happy with the prompt service! 

Jeff S. 

Thank you so much for your service. You are always flexible and accommodating. 

Bernie M

Thanks so much.  I really appreciate it. Now THAT's  customer service, Thanks! 

Robert K.    

Thanks for getting this done so easily and economically.

Steve B. 

Thank you for your fast reply, all the info, and for making this so easy!      

Jen T. 

Thanks for taking care of my backflow testing! I appreciate how easy you make it.

Renee W. 

Robert is a great guy, very respectful and does good work. He does my  annual backflow testing and has done a couple sprinkler system repairs  for me - he does good work, and his charges have been very reasonable.  Would definitely recommend.

Greg B. 

A big thank you for the years of great service! Cindy P.

Great Client Relations

Thank you for your excellent customer service and friendly attitude. It’s a more and more rare thing in this world!      

Julie G.     

Your  prompt responses and attentiveness to customer assistance underscore to  me the value you place on maintaining positive client relations. 

Madison S. 

I'm absolutely blown away that my system is up and running again so quickly. This is so  far above and beyond expectations. Thank you so much for making this  happen!

Rob P.

That was so nice of you guys. You all are so wonderful! Thank you!! 

Lindsay T.

Thanks again for years of great service and support.  I'm referring everyone I know to you guys. 

Bonnie C.

You are giving great service and I will be signing up for the annual retesting. Thank you! 

Sherri H. 

Thank you for a job well done – I look forward to seeing you next year.  

Brad L.

I do wish to be on the annual testing list. I am impressed with the prompt response.   Thank you! 

John M.

Thanks fo much for making this so easy! 

Erika D.

You guys do a great job communicating with customers. Keep up the good work!

Robert knows his stuff! When I had a water line issue, he talked me  through what I needed to do by phone to turn it off, and then came out  to check on it even when I couldn't be there. While at my house he  communicated with me by text—very handy. Thanks, Robert!

Penny G. 

Thanks! You guys are great to work with! 

Mark S. 

Thanks so much! We very much appreciate your service. 

Sarah M. 

Speed & Reliability

We are so impressed with this company! They have been "same day"  responsive, very helpful identifying problems and willing to answer all  our questions. Would give them 10 star rating if we could.

Denise O. 

Many thanks for your careful handling of this! You are a model of efficiency. 

Harry W. 

You guys are awesome, honest, VERY hard working. Referring everyone I know to you. Good job.

James K.

I do appreciate the quick response and look forward to have a great relationship for years!

Mike R. 

You are so sweet. And I am telling all of my neighbors about your great service!

Karen B.

Thanks so much for your service. It’s great to know you guys will handle this for us. 

Darian M.

We so appreciate your and your annual service.  Thanks and we'll see you next year.

Susan A.

Thank you so much for showing me courtesy and understanding!! 

Carole A. 

Thanks for the very detailed information and explanations! 

Elizabeth L. 

Thanks for the fast response and great service! 

Bill G. 

Terra Nova has been doing our back flow at our house for several years  and recently got our business account. We highly recommend Rob . He is a  truly professional and good hearted. 

Eliman G. 

You’re the best! Thank you very much. Nice being a VIP with Terra Nova.

Julie S. 

We appreciate Terra Nova and  look forward to working together in the years to come. Thanks for the great communication! 

Julie W.

BF Testing / Services

Backflow testing, repairs, installs. Spring turn on, winterizing, etc. 

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