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Terra Nova Landscape & Irrigation

Terra Nova - Dedicated to protecting our community's water resources


Note. The payment options below direct you to Paypal. Your formal  payment confirmation will be emailed from Paypal.  If we have your email address, we'll email your  invoice to you w/in ten days of the date of service. You can pay  directly from that invoice (and have an immediate "paid in full" copy  for your records). Your credit card statements will reflect payments to  ROBERT SPEVAK (our owner) and/or TERRA NOVA.  If you don't think we have  your current email address, send a note to Roxann with "Email Invoice" in the subject line and your name/street address in the body. Thanks for joining us in our ongoing efforts to go green! 

As long as your Paypal info includes services address OR  name on the account, we can easily apply your payments.   If there is ANY doubt, we will always reach out to you.  Worry not, we have you covered. 

1) Backflow Test Payments

2) Special Pricing / Other products


3) Nonstandard Payments Explained

You enter and specify the amount you'd like to pay.  Please be sure to include at least ONE of the following so we can properly apply your payment: name, service address, or serial number.  

You will be contacted immediately if there is any question  about your payment.