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Backflow Services - General Information

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Backflow  testing is required to protect  all of us from harmful chemicals and  impurities that can enter our  drinking water through backflow or  cross-contamination. (For more information, see: EWEB Backflow Prevention Information.)

2019 Backflow test and service pricing. We ALWAYS match competitor pricing! If you find it for less, we will match or beat it!

Backflow Tests

$35.00 EUG/SPR - Standard Price for Annual Retest Clients 

$40.00 EUG/SPR - One Time Only Tests  

BORDERING TOWNS (Creswell, Elmira, Veneta, JC, etc.) Add $10 travel fee to standard prices


$35.00 EUG/SPR - Standard Price for Annual Service Clients 

$40.00 EUG/SPR - One Time Only Service 

BORDERING TOWNS (Creswell, Elmira, Veneta, JC, etc.) Add $10 travel fee to standard prices


Terra Nova is licensed, insured, bonded, and certified by the State of  Oregon's Department of Human Services.  We specialize in backflow installation, testing, inspection, and repair. Because  state law requires you to have your backflow system tested annually, Terra Nova offers  fast, reliable testing at competitive, guaranteed  rates. We do not charge for failed tests, conduct most minor repairs  free or at cost, and we always MATCH ALL COMPETITOR PRICES.  Simply call us or complete our backflow test request form to request your test. 


NOTE: If you are an EWEB customer, we'll notify EWEB that your backflow test has been scheduled with us right away (which satisfies their requirements for you).  We strive to complete the tests as quickly as possible. During  our  busy season (spring/summer months), it can take from a few days to  several weeks to complete tests, depending on your area. We'll notify both you and EWEB of the results and leave an invoice on the property on  the date of service. 

We  will contact all non-EWEB customers and EWEB customers who  have special requirements and/or who have backflow devices inside or not  normally accessible to schedule backflow tests. Non-EWEB customers, please include your backflow device serial number and device location (if available) on the form. 

For your convenience, we offer an automatic annual retest option (required for discounted rates). Merely click yes on the "Annual Auto Test" box and we will arrive annually when your backflow test is due, test it, and provide you and your water board with the results each year. You won't have to give it another thought.